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NurseConvo is a blog providing a space for nurses who are interested and keen in  reading and reflecting on areas of interest in nursing to keep nursing practice  current and evidence based.


A little about me: I am an Australian registered nurse of over 30 years experience and a freelance writer (of much less than 30 years). I started this blog primarily as I found that through out my working day on the ward floor things would come up that I felt I needed more information about. I would go home at night and look up journal articles  to gain more knowledge and better understand certain topics or to try and solve a clinical issue.

Commitment to lifelong learning and being what I call a functional learner is what drives my personal and professional development. Functional learning for me is rudimentary and situational. It’s embedded deep within the realm of the practical. I am in no way an academic – learner or otherwise. It has taken me some time to learn how to extract the information I need from journal articles which at times are quite technical and full of jargon.

If nothing else this blog provides me with an opportunity to research issues relevant to nursing enhancing my learning and having a platform to practice my writings.

Information disseminated through NurseConvo is thoroughly researched and presented professionally and responsibly despite my pink hair. I just love colour and bling. The brighter and the blingier  – the better.

Feel free to share my blog posts. Make contact with me if you are interested in being a guest blogger on Nurse Convo or are interested in me guest blogging on your own blog. I look forward to chatting with you some more. Nurse Convo is on Facebook. Please join me there and say Hello.



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